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Tunable RF Components

If You Need Solid RF Performance, WiSpry is Your Choice
WiSpry’s digitally controlled, passive, bi-state capacitor technology is different from all other solutions on the market today, and it boosts TRP & TIS performance in your application better than any other solution. Only WiSpry has the innovation ability, track record and experience to bring this kind of device to high volume mobile device markets. Additionally, this is done using a high-volume CMOS process.
Don’t be fooled …
by solutions that use semiconductor switches or non-linear materials to do the job that requires WiSpry technology. WiSpry solutions do not use lossy, low-Q, non-linear switches in the RF signal path. In fact, they are totally free from any semiconducting devices or other non-linear materials in the RF signal path.  
At WiSpry we believe it is better to have digital control over the fundamental geometry of the RF circuit using small air-gap bi-state parallel plate capacitors than to turn a lossy and non-linear switch on and off. Remember that the resistance of the switch will degrade your Q in the on-state and non-linearities will cause interference issues across the spectrum. Switches are simpler to produce but you are looking for a tunable solution to increase your systems performance, not to degrade performance. When you compare, be sure to ask about worst-case Q and IP3, and whether the solution will actually improve the radiated performance of your end-product.

High Performance and Integration without High Cost
WiSpry tunable solutions on pure CMOS technology provide high performance with CMOS typical cost. The processing power and device integration potential of CMOS is unsurpassed in the industry and will provide a platform for new, exciting devices that will combine active and passive devices in the front-end in a single, all CMOS design.
Our growing product portfolio is targeted at high volume, high performance applications such as mobile terminals, tablets, as well as any mobile device that requires higher performance and smaller BOM in a multi-band, multi-mode application.

Current WiSpry solutions include:
• Single chip Tunable Impedance Matching that can make your antenna cover more bands with better match while saving TX power and extending battery life of Your product. Head and hand phantom effect are a problem of the past, just re-program to recover from mismatch and you are done! More info here…
• SVLTE filters that provide “filter on demand” when you need it most. Can be turned off when you don’t need the attenuation to save insertion loss. More info..
• LTE tuners that are able to tune cellular antennas down to 698 MHz to cover the new Band XII. More info…


Developed for Mobile Requirements

Ultra high linearity for LTE
Lowest power consumption 70 uA active/1 uA sleep
15:1 series capacitance tuning range for your antenna
Built-in, auto-start charge pump
Flexible 2.7 V– 5.0 V operation
Fast enough to switch setting between Tx and Rx in 2G
Digital Control with Plug & Play using MIPI RFFE or SPI
Robust Performance with zero hard failure modes for the RF signal path
 35 dBm CW power handling
True Single chip integration
No-wait technology, parts and evaluation kits are shipping to customers today!

and Mobile Applications
Open and closed loop control antenna matching
Tunable "on-demand" filters
LTE antenna tuning
Agile frequency generation

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