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An Evolving Wireless Landscape

Unlike competing technologies, RF-MEMS-based devices can reduce space and cost while simultaneously achieving a combination of  tunability and low insertion loss that that is simply unachievable with conventional silicon technology. MEMS-based RF components can improve performance (up to 6dB), while reducing power consumption (30% - 40%), decrease TTM (time-to-market) and lowering cost, all critical factors in consumer devices such as cellular phones.

RF-MEMS also holds the key to producing programmable RF products that will simplify the design of future generations of mobile handsets. By using an innovative approach WiSpry has created digital software- controllable (tunable) MEMS based RF-capacitor network products with extremely high Q-factor, low insertion loss and high linearity. These innovative products are ideally suited for use in the 3G and LTE  based mobile devices that represent the future of the cellular phone market.

Unlike competing RF-technologies, WiSpry’s unique Manufacturing Process allows the company to increase integration by building its RF-MEMS devices on active CMOS silicon structures providing a roadmap from discrete RF-capacitors all the way to a fully integrated and monolithic true single-chip transceiver. All of this is performed on a standard CMOS process in a standard CMOS process flow.


WiSpry’s innovative RF-MEMS products will enable system designers to achieve the architectural innovation required to meet the design challenges posed by the ever expanding range of standards and frequencies used in global wireless networks. Using a standard CMOS process, enables WiSpry to offer exceptional innovation at the ROI/ cost-points necessary for high-volume mobile wireless applications.